The Liberty Brothers has had a change of format. Jim White will no longer be with the show, It has been a great ride but Jim is moving on to work more on his new projects. We wish him the best of luck. I, Jason, will continue the show with the original vision I had for the show when I first named it and purchased the domain name. That intent was to have myself as the main anchor host and every month bring on a new co-host that would steer the show in their particular direction of the Liberty Movement. This will open up to new guests and subjects that I may not have thought of.  I am also looking forward to bringing the show in new directions that are being opened up with my new position as Media Director and Associate Editor of Oath Keepers.

Join me every Sunday evening from 4 – 6 PM MST as I talk with our fellow “Liberty Brothers” (sisters too!)

Jason Van Tatenhove


Jason Van Tatenhove Co-Host of The Liberty Brothers

Jason Van Tatenhove Co-Host of The Liberty Brothers

Join Jim and Jason Mon & Wed-Fri from 2:00pm to 4:00pm MST as they interview some of the Biggest Guests in the Liberty Movement!


Check back here for a calendar of guests and relevant news articles, videos and audio files all from real, trusted news sources.

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